An attack boost can be fitted into multiple categories.


There are characters who boost their attack power by a percentage of it's original value.


Character  % Attack Boosted Turn Duration
Card-0375 25% 7 turns
Card-0014 Card-0325 Card-0470 8 turns
Card-0471 9 turns
Card-0015 Card-0154 Card-0155 Card-0326 Card-0376 10 turns
Card-0161 Card-0434 Card-0162 Card-0435 50% 3 turns
Card-0259 6 turns
Card-0260 9 turns
Card-0213 75% 5 turns
Card-0336 6 turns
Card-0178 10 turns
Card-0149 150% 10 turns


Character  % Attack Boosted Turn Duration
Card-0453 Card-0454 25% 5 turns
Card-0293 100% 1 turn

Self & Allies

Character  % Attack Boosted Turn Duration
Card-0298 25% 3 turns
Card-0299 4 turns
Card-0254 50% 5 turns

Ally Attack Boost

There are characters who boost their attack power of their allies by a fixed value.

Field Skill

Character Attack Boost Value
Card-0122 Card-0128 Card-0129 55-110
Card-0123 Card-0130 60-120
Card-0001 Card-0014 Card-0018 Card-0024 Card-0025 Card-0026 Card-0027 Card-0034 Card-0092 Card-0096 Card-0098 Card-0100 Card-0106 Card-0110 Card-0114 65-130
Card-0002 Card-0015 Card-0019 Card-0058 Card-0062 Card-0080 Card-0082 Card-0084 Card-0093 Card-0097 Card-0099 Card-0101 Card-0107 Card-0111 Card-0115 Card-0158 Card-0169 Card-0187 Card-0198 Card-0227 Card-0281 Card-0298 Card-0306 70-140
Card-0003 Card-0044 Card-0059 Card-0063 Card-0081 Card-0083 Card-0085 Card-0159 Card-0170 Card-0188 Card-0199 Card-0241 Card-0244 Card-0275 Card-0273 Card-0283 Card-0315 Card-0364 Card-0396 Card-0404 Card-0423 Card-0434 Card-0440 Card-0446 Card-0517 Card-0228 Card-0282 Card-0299 Card-0307 75-150
Card-0333 Card-0370 Card-0473 Card-0512 Card-0520 Card-0045 Card-0245 Card-0276 Card-0274 Card-0316 Card-0365 Card-0397 Card-0405 Card-0424 Card-0435 Card-0441 Card-0447 Card-0475 Card-0518 80-160
Card-0371 Card-0453 Card-0513 90-180
Card-0284 Card-0312 Card-0334 Card-0454 Card-0455 Card-0474 Card-0521 Card-0522 100-200
Card-0502 115-220
Card-0503 125-250

Buddy Skill

Character Attack Boost Value
Card-0122 Card-0128 Card-0129 40
Card-0124 Card-0130 45
Card-0001 Card-0014 Card-0018 Card-0022 Card-0024 Card-0025 Card-0026 Card-0027 Card-0034 Card-0092 Card-0096 Card-0098 Card-0102 Card-0106 Card-0135 50
Card-0110 Card-0114 Card-0002 Card-0015 Card-0019 Card-0023 Card-0052 Card-0058 Card-0062 Card-0080 Card-0082 Card-0084 Card-0090 Card-0093 Card-0097 Card-0099 Card-0103 Card-0107 Card-0136 Card-0144 Card-0163 Card-0187 Card-0196 Card-0198 Card-0202 Card-0214 Card-0281 Card-0285 70
Card-0111 Card-0115 Card-0003 Card-0053 Card-0044 Card-0059 Card-0063 Card-0081 Card-0083 Card-0085 Card-0091 Card-0141 Card-0145 Card-0164 Card-0188 Card-0197 Card-0199 Card-0203 Card-0212 Card-0215 Card-0237 Card-0289 Card-0298 Card-0306 Card-0315 Card-0325 Card-0343 Card-0346 Card-0366 Card-0385 Card-0389 Card-0415 Card-0432 Card-0440 Card-0466 Card-0470 Card-0517 Card-0282 Card-0286 95
Card-0358 Card-0375 Card-0045 Card-0204 Card-0213 Card-0238 Card-0290 Card-0299 Card-0307 Card-0316 Card-0312 Card-0326 Card-0344 Card-0347 Card-0367 Card-0386 Card-0390 Card-0391 Card-0416 Card-0433 Card-0441 Card-0467 Card-0471 Card-0518 115
Card-0520 Card-0359 130
Card-0376 140
Card-0521 Card-0522 150
Card-0502 200
Card-0503 250

Sync Skills

The characters listed below will get an attack boost once the required sync skill is activated.

Sync With Character Attack Boost Value
Akatsuki Card-0318 Card-0382 50/100
Card-0089 Card-0091 Card-0353 Card-0372 Card-0441 Card-0499 75/150
Card-0210 Card-0211 Card-0222 100/200
All Except Body Card-0296 Card-0297 100/200
All Except Bravery Card-0404 Card-0405 50/100
Card-0259 Card-0260 100/200
All Except Long Range Card-0371 Card-0376 Card-0531 100/200
All Except Mid Range Card-0334 100/200
All Except Short Range Card-0451 Card-0452 100/200
All Except Skill Card-0420 75/150
All Except Wisdom Card-0275 Card-0283 Card-0276 Card-0284 75/150
Body Card-0053 Card-0182 Card-0184 Card-0212 Card-0319 Card-0411 Card-0470 Card-0213 Card-0320 Card-0412 Card-0471 75/150
Card-0161 Card-0265 Card-0321 Card-0444 Card-0486 Card-0493 Card-0162 Card-0266 Card-0322 Card-0445 Card-0487 Card-0494 Card-0495 100/200
Bravery Card-0507 50/100
Card-0215 Card-0298 Card-0299 75/150
Card-0229 Card-0389 Card-0407 Card-0462 Card-0230 Card-0390 Card-0408 Card-0463 100/200
Bravery and Wisdom Card-0427 Card-0429 Card-0428 Card-0430 100/200
Heart Card-0138 Card-0514 50/100
Card-0073 Card-0177 Card-0331 Card-0178 Card-0332 Card-0406 75/150
Card-0044 Card-0242 Card-0327 Card-0356 Card-0400 Card-0473 Card-0508 Card-0045 Card-0243 Card-0328 Card-0357 Card-0401 Card-0474 Card-0475 Card-0509 100/200
Heart, Skill and Body Card-0469 125/250
Hidden Leaf Card-0003 Card-0009 Card-0241 Card-0250 Card-0380 Card-0506 Card-0286 Card-0288 Card-0507 50/100
Card-0055 Card-0059 Card-0061 Card-0063 Card-0067 Card-0069 Card-0071 Card-0155 Card-0157 Card-0180 Card-0217 Card-0224 Card-0218 Card-0345 Card-0374 Card-0426 Card-0492 75/150
Card-0482 Card-0502 Card-0504 Card-0528 Card-0049 Card-0147 Card-0151 Card-0201 Card-0292 Card-0316 Card-0336 Card-0349 Card-0365 Card-0384 Card-0447 Card-0457 Card-0458 Card-0483 Card-0503 Card-0505 Card-0529 100/200
Card-0486 Card-0487 125/250
Long Range Card-0488 Card-0489 Card-0519 75/150
Card-0294 Card-0310 Card-0051 Card-0295 Card-0303 Card-0311 Card-0359 Card-0497 Card-0498 100/200
Mid Range Card-0145 Card-0209 Card-0416 50/100
Card-0141 Card-0391 Card-0516 75/150
Card-0398 Card-0140 Card-0176 Card-0236 Card-0399 100/200
Mid and Long Range Card-0487 125/250
Mist Card-0367 50/100
Rain Card-0312 Card-0378 75/150
Sand Card-0186 Card-0188 Card-0190 50/100
Card-0164 Card-0166 Card-0340 75/150
Short Range Card-0159 Card-0326 50/100
Card-0191 Card-0518 75/150
Card-0148 Card-0149 Card-0226 Card-0433 100/200
Short and Long Range Card-0483 100/200
Short and Mid Range Card-0490 Card-0491 100/200
Skill Card-0341 Card-0484 Card-0342 Card-0485 50/100
Card-0057 Card-0075 Card-0203 Card-0413 Card-0423 Card-0449 Card-0512 Card-0204 Card-0414 Card-0424 Card-0450 Card-0513 75/150
Card-0271 Card-0453 Card-0272 Card-0454 Card-0455 100/200
Sound Card-0172 Card-0234 Card-0249 Card-0274 50/100
Card-0079 Card-0081 Card-0083 Card-0085 Card-0087 Card-0170 Card-0193 Card-0195 Card-0197 Card-0199 75/150
Taka Card-0307 75/150
Wisdom Card-0421 Card-0526 Card-0422 Card-0527 50/100
Card-0065 Card-0077 Card-0152 Card-0464 Card-0153 Card-0465 75/150
Card-0142 Card-0313 Card-0394 Card-0143 Card-0314 Card-0395 100/200

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