Card-0026 Ebisu
"An Elite Teacher"
No. Element Range Rarity Max Level Cost
26 Wisdom icon Mid ★★★ 30 5/4
Status Portrait-0026
Min Max + Value
Health 189 378 (+ 50)
Strength 144 287 (+ 25)
Luck 1 40 (+ ???)
Ninja World Clash
Min Max + Value
Health 3213 ??? (+ 50)
Strength 215 ??? (+ 25)
Speed 128 ???
F/B Skills Field Skill Boosts attack by 65-130.
Buddy Skill Boosts attack by 50.
Ability Critical Rate-Combo Combination Critical Rate Boost Boosts critical rate by 1.75x during Combinations.
Ability Map Movement-Health Health Recovers w/Map Movement Restores 300 health when moving to a new map.
Ninjutsu: Clone Jutsu
Gives you 3 perfect dodge(s) for 3 turn(s). Chakra Required: 4
Character Data
Hit Count: Shape Range Position
Other Normal Hit Count: 1 Status Effects: Icon-Perfect Dodge
Affiliation: Hidden Leaf icon Support Status Effects: Icon-Attack Boost
Availability: Global icon Japan icon Enemy Status Effects:
How to Obtain Story Mode: Stage 4-1 in "Exam Round #1"
Additional Information N/A
Arrow-Left Card-0025
Card-0027 Arrow-Right
By Rarity Purple
1 Star Rarity
2 Star Rarity
3 Star Rarity
4 Star Rarity
5 Star Rarity
6 Star Rarity

By Element Purple
Heart icon
Skill icon
Body icon
Bravery icon
Wisdom icon

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